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A visit by FMVSO on foundation day (30th of October 2017)

FMVSO​ Trustee Di Gallagher and her husband Leo have stayed for two weeks in Manjushree to take part in the school's foundation day and meet graduate students. 

The journey was as always challenging, but this time, after particularly heavy summer monsoon rains, the road was the worst we have known it.  

Foundation Day on 30th October was very special this year - for the first time, the past pupils (all post-graduates) were entirely responsible for the organisation and execution of the celebrations.  They did a magnificent job!   15 of the 29 Manjushree students who have now graduated attended the special day - they are all fine young people and set an excellent example for their younger brothers and sisters.

November is a good time to visit - most days the sky was brilliant blue and the sun hot in the middle of the day. By late afternoon, the temperature dropped drastically as the sun dipped behind the western mountains.  There was some snow on the tops and on one day we had a very heavy hailstorm turning the ground white and delighting the children.  The power and internet were, as ever, unreliable! However, now that there is some 3G/4G in Tawang area, it is a little easier to communicate with the outside world.

The children were looking strong and healthy and were, as always, extremely well-mannered and keen to learn from the visitors.  Just chatting with them is valuable as a good grasp of English is going to be valuable to them in the future.  As well as spending time with the children, Di and Leo had constructive discussions with Lama Thupten and Headmaster Amar about funding requirements and strategy.

It is always hard to say goodbye but this time was particularly poignant as it is likely to be Di's last visit - the altitude, the challenges of the journey, and 'age' are finally getting the better of her - she will of course continue to manage the administration of FMVSO and will be in touch with teachers and students via Whats App!

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