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Quarterly report 15th March 2021

Life in Manjushree

  • Everyone is doing well, happy and in sound health

  • Boys hostel has a new warden and an extra caretaker (2 in total). From this year and the warden is a married lady from Tawang and she has a small baby boy. Boys, especially out small boys are happy with their warden and caretakers. They are also much cleaner now!

  • They was younger kids clothes and uniforms in washing machines (8kgs) provided to both boys and girls and big boys wash their own.

  • Management is planning to make a tin roof in front of boys hostel to dry their clothes and staff living there.

  • They have laundry area but is lacking drying space for the clothes to hang on after wash. Therefore, this plan will be done soon.

  • Girls have bigger space for laundry area as they are more in numbers and they can dry their clothes behind their hostel and on the rooftop of their hostel. Have a washing machine of 8kgs.

  • Teachers and other staff share this space too

  • Seniors help washing clothes and uniforms of younger girls twice in a week in washing machine.

  • Girls wash their clothes and keep themselves and hostel nice and clean and their warden and two aunties guide them.

  • Children and staff-their meeting with their relatives and families are lessen or restricted during this Pandemic.

  • Few days quarantine is must for all coming home after their travelling.


  • —Due to Covid-19, 2020 had been tough for all of us and specially to school children and their studies.

  • Our children were away from home and studies to their relatives in the villages and could not study for a year. Online classes were not possible for them living in that situation. They have forgotten many things from their school life.

  • Pre board exam of classes IX, X and XI has started from 13th April of this month and will continue for another two weeks.

  • Final board exam of classes X and XII were scheduled in May 2021, but recently a notice from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi announced that these exams have postponed to July and it may get cancel conducting exams. But the students will be marked or evaluated and promote to next classes according to their academic performances.

  • Government announced date of exam for primary classes are to be conducted from next week from 21st, April 2021. So, our school is also prepared to nail it with good results.

  • Therefore, teachers are giving extra lessons beside classroom teachings.

  • Our senior teachers are also taking extra tuition classes for all those senior secondary and higher secondary students having board exams of all subjects.

  • They are focusing more in studies as their pre board exams are near.

Tuition classes

Classes 9th and 10th advancement- —To advance classes 9th and 10th are under process, all necessary documents are submitted to fulfil the criteria to get the secondary level certificate to CBSE (Central Board of secondary Education) New Delhi as well as to the state education department. We are waiting for their inspection team to visit our school.

Heating system

Ten Electric heaters

  • In March we received ten numbers of big heaters for boys(5 nos) and girls(5 nos) and one transformer of 250kva have sponsored by LTP Foundation, USA.

  • Transformer is yet to install but in hostels some heaters are using by managing power supply. To put them all together at a time is not possible for now until the transformer fits.

  • The spring ended and rainy season started, it rains day and night, so sometimes feels cold like winter and need heaters .

Transformer for the hostels

Health Clinic in Manjushree

  • The clinic building construction has started and will complete within 5 to 6 months as per the deed of agreement between Manjushree clinic and the building contractor.

  • All necessary building materials have bought and brought to the construction site.

  • Clinic equipments quotation was sent to Guwahati medical equipment supply centre.

  • Will deliver right after the completion of the building

The clinic construction site is clear and laid its foundations as you can see in the pictures below

Health Status of Children in Manjushree.

  • All the children are fit by physically and mentally and doing fine but few cases come up which need special medical attention. We had many kids in the last few years, required major surgeries or treatments in the big hospitals in Delhi supported by French and Dutch sponsors.

  • Recently I have taken a 18 yrs old girl name Ms.Drema Yangzom to hospital in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Delhi.

  • She was sick with many complaints of pain, body ache , weakness and alopecia. She had been to Tawang hospital and diagnosed as SLE?. Her doctor here referred to rheumatologist in AIIMS Delhi.

  • No rheumatologist in Arunachal and doctors here advised not to consult in Guwahati.

  • AIIMS is the top among all hospitals in India and to get an appointment there in a short period of time is almost impossible, but Lama sir requested the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and through him we got the appointment.

  • We were there for two weeks long and met doctor and had been through all possible tests and finally diagnosed her as LUPUS in the initial stage.

  • She is under medication for three months and then called after three month for follow up treatment.

  • Her treatment cost was beared by school and overall expenditure including travelling, hotel , food and treatment and medicine was 545USD.

  • Her symptoms are subsided and she is feeling better now.

Below is Miss Drema Yangzom and her family ,the one with hat is her mother’s younger sister , who is a daily wage worker in left , herself in pink sweater, her younger sister in blue sweatshirt. They both study in Manjushree. This lady takes care of both when they go on holiday after their parents death.

New Kitchen Building

  • The building is almost all done now.

  • The ceiling ply works are under process.

  • Most of the workers from Assam and West Bengal are away from work to vote in the election in their home towns.

  • Gardener lady’s building has also completed and interiors are to be done.

We ae also building a new children's park

Information regarding fund transfer

  • —The Government of India has upgraded few new rules relating to the FCRA accounts.

  • —The existing FCRA account is not active to credit funds since 1st of April, 2021.

  • —As per their instructions we have to create a new FCRA account in the State Bank of India, New Delhi main branch.

  • —We have done all the formalities to open a new account and waiting for their confirmation.

  • —We will share you the new FCRA bank account details as soon as the account is in use.

  • —According to the new FCRA rules, the sender or donor must mention their purpose of sending money to Manjushree Charitable Society.



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