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FMVSO end of year report (2020)

Introduction and Thank you Mama Di

It is a privilege for us here at FMVSO in conjunction with Manjushree Vidyapith School and Home (MVSH) to jointly extend this year’s heartfelt thanks to you, our dear sponsors.

2020 has indeed been an unprecedented year whereby FMVSO has had no trustee member venturing to Tawang region to visit our Manjushree Vidyapith family. The year however proves to have brought us together in a manner like never before as we held our very first international online zoom meeting in November. Thank you Michael Moleskin, our newFMVSO trustee member, for your IT skills and for the generous giving of your time in making this possible. This has been one of many joint events for FMVSO and MVSH during this current year. As we welcomed Michael onto our team last year, we have equally spent this last year preparing to say so long to our most beloved founding member Di Gallagher or‘Mama Di' as she is so lovingly known by staff and children alike at Manjushree.

Thank you dear Mama Di, Leo and

Rory for your years of service to

both FMVSO and Manjushree

Vidyapith School and Home. We

couldn't do it without you!

In the photo Mani with Di and Leo Gallagher (who sponsored Mani since 2006)

Di has been the most diligent, hard working and fully dedicated FMVSO trustee member we have been blessed to have. Thank you dear Di for your years of service to both FMVSO and Manjushree Vidyapith School and Home. We are currently contemplating a 4th trustee member to help fill the gap which you and Rory will have left on our trustee board this coming year. Rory Gallagher is also stepping down from board duties and FMVSO would like to extend a sincere thank you to Rory for his years of service as a valued contributor to our work in education in particular and also as a constant support to Di in her efforts.

New clinic and collaboration with A-Z impact foundation

Other BIG NEWS : FMVSO are involved with ongoing collaborative work with many other worldwide long term sponsors as well as our most current connections and work collaboration with Deerfield Foundation and A-Z Impact Foundation, both US entities.Please visit our new website to see a list of MVSH supporters and other news with respect to our work. It is with great joy that we share with you the latest building project that is currently being planned for - it is the building of a small onsite health clinic at MVSH. Plans and costings have been drawn up and funding has been secured. Building work is to commence this coming Spring. Under joint guidance from MVSH and FMVSO, Jeff Kaplen and his brother Michael from A-Z Impact Foundation have worked tirelessly to make this long held dream of having an onsite health clinic become a reality. Watch this space for more news during 2021!

Update about the kitchen, living quarters and food program

The kitchen and living quarters build for staff is almost completed. The new food initiative program under the guidance of Gurmukh and Gurushabd is coming along very well. With your continued support and generous giving dear sponsors, and with the added generous support of other loyal sponsors the children’s daily diet has improved considerably. The food program is a work in progress and will continue until the highest standards in nutrition will eventually be achieved.

Our focus on education

FMVSO are now gearing towards bringing full focus onto Educational matters as opposed to education and the feeding and clothing of the children. Education will be our main remit going forwards after the New Year. Working closely with our new partners has allowed for much needed consolidation of the basic necessities for MVSH. Our new collaborative approach will also allow for progress to occur in specific areas which will see Manjushree Vidyapith School and Home become more productive and prosperous in the coming years.

Yancheng is six years old

and in Kindergarten class

On Mama Di’s many visits

she ran an art club to encourage the children to express themselves through painting and drawing

Thank you to all the support during this difficult year

To echo Lama Thupten Phuntsok’s sentiments,2020 has been a very difficult and sad time for all of us. Manjushree Vidyapith School and Home has had to endure hardship though felt greatly supported by all of you, their sponsors. This support has been of tremendous practical help and emotional comfort during what otherwise has been a trying period.

The biggest heartache and the hardest of all is the mourning of the death of beautiful Mani Rapgyal or ‘Mani brother’. Mani was the very first pupil to leave MV and Tawang to venture forth to Delhi University in 2006. Despite being physically challenged, Mani’s achievements at Delhi University were great and numerous. Here turned home as a business graduate in 2010 to gain a full time accountancy government position and to marry and become a father. After a childhood accident Mani had both of his lower arms amputated but he managed admirably - eventurning down the offer of

prosthesis. Subsequently Mani suffered kidney failure and passed away on the 24th August 2020.He is deeply missed by all, especially by the senior family members who grew up with him at Manjushree. Much is being done to offer support to his wife and children - this is the heart of what happens at Manjushree, they all care for one another and they help and support one another through life. You dear sponsors, through your generous contributions, support FMVSO and in our collective efforts we manage together to support the Manjushree

Family - for that, we are eternally grateful to you.



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