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Manjushree School was not affected by earthquake in Nepal

Saturday's catastrophic earthquake in Nepal has been very much in our thoughts.

Many of our FMVSO supporters have called me to ask if Manjushree has been affected.

I have had news today that they felt tremors at the orphanage, but nothing serious.

The students in Delhi e-mailed on saturday to report that they had suffered fairly serious tremors but there was no structural damage and none of them were hurt.

I am very happy to report that the orphanage has not been affected by the earthquake centred on  Nepal, and all is well.  I spoke with the Administrator, Tsering, who is one of our post graduates now working full time back in her old home, in an Indian Government funded post.

Tsering thanks us all for our concern and says "we are all fine here" - all the staff and children appreciate the interest and support of the many friends in the UK and she says "...that is very sweet or our well wishers ...." (I had told her how worried everyone was about all at Manjushree).

Lama Thupten has been away but returns home tomorrow - the children will all be so happy to see him.

Di Gallagher

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