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Manjushree School celebrates 18th foundation day

On October 30th Manjushree celebrated Foundation Day – it is 18 years since Lama Thupten Phuntsok started to build the home and school for the needy children of Tawang district NE India.  In those 18 years he has helped hundreds of children.  The students of the early days at Manjushree completed secondary education and moved away, most have graduated, some of them have gone on to do further studies and some of them are now in paid employment – and some have come back to their Manjushree home to serve, teaching and caring, whilst undertaking further studies themselves. 

Foundation Day this year was a low key affair, this is how one of our post-grads described it    “Foundation day this year was little different than other years. It wasn't celebrated grandly. There was special breakfast and lunch for everyone.. The kids and the teachers with lama sir had a small get together. Everyone expressed their experiences, their feelings. It was also kind of a thanks giving. Everyone’s eyes were wet.. we all got very emotional.. overall it was a warm lovely day.. everyone all the over the world were remembered and missed that day..”

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