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Huge developments in Manjushree School are reported by FMVSO trustees who visited recently

Trustees David Brown and Di Gallager have just returned from a 4 week stay at Manjushree.  We were blessed with bright blue days and only a little snow on the high pass!  We found the children in good health and in good heart.  There have been huge developements since we were there last year; the place is still a bit of a building site, but the new Academic building is magnificent and almost complete.  It is hoped that it will be in use by this time next year.

 As always, living, working, playing and just being with the children was a beautifully heartwarming and fulfilling experience. 

We held our half-yearly Trustees meeting whilst at Manjushree and invited Lama Thupten Phuntsok and Headmaster Amar Gurung to join us.. We all felt that the meeting was extremely valuable, further reinforcing the deep trust and understanding between FMVSO and MV.

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