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Earthquake in Myanmar is felt in the school

Myanmar was shaken by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.  The tremor was felt at Manjushree; the buildings shook and everyone rushed outside but there was no structural damage and no-one hurt.

While I was at Manjushree we had discussed emergency procedures in case of earthquake or fire and hopefully this helped to reduce panic and keep order.  When the earthquake happened, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were staying at Assam’s Kaziranga National Park before going on to Bhutan.  They would certainly have felt the tremor.

In addition, in mid-April, Northeast India experienced incessant torrential rains resulting in floods and landslips.

On April 22nd, fifteen labourers and a supervisor were killed after a landslide buried their camp near a private hotel construction site at Phamla in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang district. 

Phamla is just half a mile from Manjushree

In this mountainous area everything is built on  terraces and landslips are common.

Happily, I had news from the orphanage that all were safe and well, the walls held up and apart from the sodden ground, you wouldn’t know anything had happened.  Extensive works on retaining walls had obviously paid off.

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