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Covid19 report from Manjushree

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

From the first day of lockdown 21st March, 2020, we have been staying at home at Manjushree and keeping ourselves busy on our school campus. Some of the children needed to return home to their villages to wider families in order to comply with government orders. Others who have no family members or homes to return to have remained with teachers and necessary staff here.

We sit every day before lunch in the prayer hall praying, meditating for world peace and world healing with Lama sir, Geshi Thupten and three young monks from Gyumed and Drepung Monastery Universities from south India. These are three young Lama students who study down south normally but who now happen to be at home during lockdown. We also make prayer scriptures to put inside specific areas in the new stupa building that is finally almost fully finished.

We have cleared land by pruning tress, clearing old shrubs and weeds and we have planted vegetables for our own use down below the stupa building. Everybody is in good health to date and we remain connected to older family members studying in various places all over India.

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